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Find out the current football scores when you're at a party, see what the weather will be like for your weekend trip, and much more. PocketNews OnDemand allows you to get a broad range of news and information sent to you fast. Information that you request will be sent directly to most Telstra mobile phones as an SMS message.

PocketNews OnDemand is charged at 30c per SMS message (including SMS request and delivery).
You will receive one SMS in response to each request for information using PocketNews OnDemand.

Some messages may contain links to the Telstra mobile site. Standard browsing data charges may apply to customers who click on these links.

How do I request PocketNews information 'OnDemand'?

You can request information with PocketNews OnDemand by:

1. Browsing to http://wap.pocketnews.com.au on your Telstra mobile phone. It's fast and easy with great topics including news, sport news, finance, weather, horoscopes, sport scores (AFL, NRL, cricket) and surf reports.

2. Simply selecting "PocketNews" from the applications menu on your Telstra mobile phone.


3. You can also request information by simply sending an SMS to the number 176 containing a request code. For example, to receive the 4-day forecast for weather in Melbourne, send 'wea.mel' to 176.

Please view the full Terms & Conditions relating to this service here.

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